Core Purpose



vCore Purpose

To play a role in the sustained development of the country.


vCore Values

Honesty: Honesty and commitment to the professional ethics

Quality: Committed to quality and technical and engineering criteria in providing services

Social responsibility: Being responsible before customers, society and environment

Individual and organizational improvement:  Promotion of knowledge and capabilities of personnel and creating motivation in employees in line with individual and organizational improvement and establishing a learning entity

Creativity and innovation: Creativity and innovation, and employing modern scientific and engineering methods and procedures



Lar Consultant Engineers Company plans to expand the range of activities of the company and by using an intellectual view on engineering consultation business market, become one of the largest private consultant engineers company in the country, and from the viewpoints of beneficiaries of the company, it seeks becoming the most prestigious, able, professional and reliable consultant engineers in management, design and supervision of civil engineering projects in national and regional levels.


v Mission

Lar Consultant Engineers Company plans to benefit from its valuable knowledge, experiences and records in studies, design and supervision of projects in Water and Sewage  Area, including development of water and water transfer, transfer and reserving water, irrigation and drainage, dam construction, river and  banks engineering, water and sewer engineering, environment….and has directed its efforts towards its mission by relying on experienced, professional and specialist human forces, employing efficient technologies while committing to professional and environmental ethics and high quality execution of projects, to provide means for the improvement of welfare of people, meet satisfaction of employers and beneficiaries, and creating knowledge, information and value for customers/employers and people.


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